Client Comments

"This course has empowered me as an individual, and made me recognize the potential I have. The investment of one hour a week for seven weeks has paid off for me already, and will continue to have an impact on me. I feel this course is just the beginning of a new phase of personal development for me."

- Sara from Carmel, IN

"For me the instructor and her patient probing questions kept a spark going for our group."

- Pat from Carmel, IN

"I had the pleasure of participating in a "Mastermind" on Leadership Workshop with Angelica Brown. The workshop taught me about building, developing and applying more effective leadership skills in my personal and professional life. The workshop showed me how to connect and associate with people of influence, discover your talents and abilities and increase self-awareness. Consequently, I am able to be more aware of the moment and adapt my leadership style accordingly. Angelica Brown's Leadership Workshop is a profound and inspiring experience for anyone truly interested in effective personal and professional leadership development."

- Maureen from Carmel, IN

"I think the course brought to the forefront many principals that I thought were important but about which I have not had an active conscious relationship. I will place more importance on the qualities of leadership that I want people to see in me.

- Marilyn from Carmel, IN

"Being part of a mastermind group to strengthen our leadership skills has truly helped with my development within all facets of my life, personal and professional.

- Diane from Carmel, IN

"This mastermind has helped me focus my leadership skills and interact with other partners. It has helped me open my mind by listening to their insights and experiences."

- Hector from Matamoros, MX

"At the beginning, I wrote my goals, but the more I became aware, the more I was challenged to rewrite my goals. I found myself revisting my goals and refining them over and over."

- Manuel from Matamoros, MX

"At work I am spending more time with my people. I am leading with solid objectives, and I am seeing results faster. At home, I am enjoying more the time I have with my family. You have helped me achieve a better and more effective balance.

- Isidro from Matamoros, MX

"I have had several coaches and mentors in my life. Mark has been the best. He challenged me to grow like no one else. He has helped me see the potential that exists, and the importance of making every day count."

- Anani from Indianapolis, IN

"The leader of the group demonstrated thorough knowledge of subject material, complete control of group participation, excellent eye contact, included everyone in discussion, was soft spoken, and had excellent time management skills.
      "Leadership is an ongoing process. It is not a basic instinct. Being assigned a leadership position does not make one a leader. The skills must be learned and continuing training is crucial. The skills must then be practiced and critiqued. The corporate world is very competitive and companies understand the importance of ongoing training for their leaders. These leaders must be knowledgeable and willing to devote their time to mastering how to lead and not rely on their authority.
      "Thank you for allowing me to participate and grow."

- Connie from Carmel, IN

"Getting insight into Leadership through group discussion was an eye-opening experience. This class helped me to identify personal leadership strengths and weaknesses that I never anticipated. The book was easy to read and relatable which made the concepts easy to digest. The discussions were very relaxed and everyone was allowed to express themselves freely which made for a great learning environment. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that intends to LEAD now or in the future!"

- Candice from Carmel, IN

"Being a follower of John Maxwell teachings and writings has allowed me to visualize a future, utilizing the concepts to help others in their quest for knowledge and growth. The ideas of John Maxwell writings is not a step by step process but a guide towards a better understanding of leadership and its impact on individual growth . Each of us will develop a “style” (if you will) which in turn will identify our understanding of personal leadership and goal setting.
      "Angelica Brown kept control of the discussions and maintained a flow which allowed each member of the group to express ideas and comments. This approach moved the conversation along at a comfortable pace and created an air of openness among the group members. Well Done!"

- Walter from Carmel, IN

"We coach for YOUR success!"